Online Gathering

We are creating a framework for the creative use and re-use of non-musical sound, specifically field recordings and speech. The framework illustrates a process which involves methods, audiences, artworks and technologies. Our main objective with it is to create interfaces and tools that facilitate and stimulate research creative processes when using field recordings and speech, and we focus on the processes of ‘relational playback’ and ‘interrogation’ of sound recordings when they are part of our personal collections – hard drives, reside on Internet, collections, and archives.

From May 20th to June 17th, we will be publishing stories derived from interviews with artists, researchers, and archivists who use field recordings and speech in their work. We invite members of the wider community interested in sound to read and listen to their stories and comment on them: Field Recordings Stories; Speech Stories; Archive Stories. Do you identify with their practices and issues? What are your own experiences, issues and needs when working with sound in this framework?

In a parallel manner, contributors to the initial survey, will be invited to contribute further to the expanded framework via a site called We will be updating weekly the results of the framework on the framework page.

Sound Matters Framework

Sound Matters Framework in

Follow this link to view the framework:

The framework is open for contributions from sound recordists, artists, archivists, online practitioners, around the world, if you would like to contribute to it please get in contact with us to receive instructions and access to post on the framework: X.Alarcon[at]


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