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Sandpit 2 JISC

Sandpit 2 JISC

Sandpit 2 JISC, Imperial College London, July 14th 2015

Sound Matters applied today for funding the Phase 2 of the project. If the bid is successful, we expect to develop a prototype connecting the latest grassroots technologies for the processes of Relational Playback and Interrogation in the framework, according to specifications that will be created by the Sound Matters community together with developers.

We want to have a listening-led environment with a friendly and free modular system that enables researchers working creatively with field recordings and speech to create listening experiences for a diversity of audiences and render these experiences in a diversity of interfaces.

Details of this and other projects funded by JISC are being published on the new wiki page of Research Data Spring:

Wiki for Sound Matters

Wiki for all projects

Fingers crossed!


Co-design workshop and first stage

On June 25th, 16 interdisciplinary researchers gathered in the Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice, LCC, UAL, to engage in the reflection on archives, and algorithmic processes and to experience the latest Open Source technologies for Interrogation and Relational Playback of Field Recordings and Speech. Here you can watch the video of this experience and the process of the first three months of the project:

Thanks to all participants!

Sound Matters Framework team