Trond Lossius visiting CRiSAP


Sound and installation artist Trond Lossius is visiting CRiSAP as part of a collaboration initiated between CRiSAP and the Bergen Center for Electronic Arts – BEK. Derived from the experience with the project Sound Matters Framework we are envisioning possibilities for the creation of interfaces for relational listening accessing to archives of field recordings and speech, and working creatively with them using the Jamoma platform. He will offer a talk to CRiSAP members about his work at the CRiSAP Soirée on April 26th.

Trond Lossius is a sound and installation artist living in Bergen, Norway. His projects investigate sound, place and space, using sound spatialisation and multichannel audio as an invisible and temporal sculptural medium in works engaging with the site. He has collaborated with other artists on a large number of cross-disciplinary projects, in particular sound installations and works for stage. As part of LMW, in collaboration with Jon Arne Mogstad and Jeremy Welsh, he has done a series of installations combining paintings, video, prints, and sound. He has contributed to several productions with the contemporary performance group Verdensteatret, winner of New York Dance and Performance Awards a.k.a. The Bessies 2005-2006 in the Installation & New Media category.

He graduated with a master degree in geophysics from the University of Bergen, and went on to study music and composition at The Grieg Academy. From 2003-2007 he was a research fellow in the arts at Bergen National Academy of the Arts.

Trond Lossius is research and development coordinator at BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts. He contributes to development of the software framework Jamoma, and he has ported Ambisonic Toolkit to a set of plugins for the Reaper DAW. He was Norwegian delegate to the EuropeanCOST action on sonic interaction design 2008-2011. 2012-2013 he was engaged as full professor at Bergen Academy of Art and Design coordinating the artistic research project Re:place.

A warm welcome to Trond at CRiSAP!




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