Framework in development!


Sound Matters Framework in Click on the image to view the framework.

The Sound Matters Framework is in development!

The framework illustrates a process, which involves methods, audiences, artworks and technologies already drawn from a number of sources. Sound Matters’ main objective is to create interfaces and software tools that facilitate and stimulate creative research processes for using field recordings and speech. These tools and interfaces are part of a whole system, the framework; this also includes sound files wherever they are housed (hard drive, Internet, sound archives, live streaming via the Internet or radio), and also non-sonic databases.

Our aim is that these shared interfaces and software tools will eventually facilitate and stimulate creative experiences for many disciplines (eg. history, sound art, geography, anthropology, archive studies, curation, creative computing, memory studies, visual arts), through a shared listening-led framework, specifically for new approaches to making, and re-making of cultural memory through sound and technology. This will open up field recording and speech sounds to new and, as yet, unimagined uses!

If you would like to contribute contact us on X.Alarcon[at] to receive instructions.



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